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The Most Reliable Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals In Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’re in need of a temporary waste management solution for a building you’re managing, or at a construction or landscaping job site, renting a roll-off trash container is a smart way to go. The Dumpster Company is the #1 provider of comprehensive waste management solutions to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities. We proudly provide quality roll-off debris boxes to construction contractors, demolition contractors, property managers, and homeowners who are do-it-yourself project enthusiasts. Everything you need to know to become an expert in your own right is below, but feel free to pick up the phone and call us now at (704) 802-1044 if you’d like to speak to one of ours.

Size Matters, So We Help you Get It Right!

When evaluating dumpster sizes for your upcoming project, the most important consideration is predicting the type of debris that will be generated, as well as the total amount of waste material that you will need to have removed. The Dumpster Company Charlotte delivers removable containers in 4 key sizes: 10-yards, 20-yards 30-yards, and 40-yards. What follows below are some additional specifics on these roll-off container sizes, along with a quick reference guide of some of their common uses:

10-yard container

(10-feet long x 7-feet wide x 4.5-feet high)

If you’re renovating one or two rooms, a small kitchen, or a small bathroom, the “ten-yarder” might be right for you.

20-yard container

(20-feet long x 8 feet wide x 3 feet high)

Use this roll-off container if you’re remodeling two or more rooms or a large kitchen and bathroom.

30-yard container

(22-feet long x 7.5 feet wide x 6-feet high)

The “thirty-yarder” is the most popular size that we deliver and it is always in demand in greater Charlotte because it’s big enough to handle most jobs, while still small enough to put in place on most properties.

40-yard container

(22 feet long X 8 feet wide X 7 feet high)

This huge mobile trash bin is most commonly called-in by professional construction and demolition contractors for large new-build projects. Different types of waste materials vary significantly in weight, so we recommend talking-shop with a courteous Dumpster Company Charlotte professionals to help you plan the waste management aspect of your project wisely. Call us today at (704) 802-1044!

Staying on schedule and under budget

Keeping a project on schedule while helping you remain within an economical budget are two of the most important things to our customers. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that tells you exactly what they’re going to do for you… and then follows through by doing exactly what they said! Our prices are affordable, and there are never any hidden fees. When you choose The Dumpster Company Charlotte, you’re getting the most innovative and resourceful waste management services company in town. And when you choose us, you get the best customer service in the entire industry. In the end, when you decide to do business with courteous and disciplined professionals here, you do so because you know you can rely on us. This isn’t just a tag-line, but a guarantee. Our customers return to us time and time again, for this reason. Let’s work together to ensure your satisfaction and your success! Call us now at (704) 802-1044!

How It Works: The Dumpster Rental Process

Now that you’ve identified your need for a roll-off dumpster rental, there are three simple steps that you will want to follow.

First Step

The first is gathering the information you need so that we can provide you with a price quote. For example, we need to know the type of waste material you will be putting in the container, and how much material there will be. Through a brief discussion together we can help make a recommendation on the most appropriate size, and accurately estimate how many times we’ll be hauling it away from the site.

Second Step

The second step is to give some thought to specific questions you may wish to ask us to help make sure that everything goes smoothly with your project, and that you are satisfied.

Third Step

Step three is picking a good location where the container will be placed and properly preparing the site to make certain your project runs efficiently, and to avoid any potential damage to your property.

Special Insert: Regarding Hazardous Materials

When you set aside the things that don’t belong in a dumpster, you help the professionals here at The Dumpster Company Charlotte to protect the environment. You may even save a little money in the process. The following materials should generally be kept out of the local landfills, and therefore your rental dumpster:


Computers, hard drives, printers, TVs, cell phones, VCRs, and DVD players should not be disposed of in a dumpster. In some states, it is actually illegal to put them in a landfill. This could translate into a fine for both parties. Some local retailers may be able to lawfully dispose of your spent electronics. Some municipalities may collect electronics from the curb periodically. There are even online services that will pay for old phones and computers as they are able to salvage some of their components.

Batteries Of All Kinds

Most people know that batteries should be kept out of a dumpster, the same way they are usually kept out of the regular trash. Batteries contain lead, mercury, and cadmium, and these substances can seep into the ground over time and contaminate the environment. So let’s refrain from discarding batteries of all kinds, including alkaline, car batteries, rechargeable batteries, or lithium batteries in your rental waste container bin. There are 

Hazardous waste facilities that are specially trained, equipped, and licensed to handle old batteries, and many auto parts stores too.

Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Fluorescent lightbulbs should always be kept out of your mobile rental container and brought to a hazardous materials center to be disposed of safely.


It should come as no surprise that chemical waste is not allowed in Charlotte landfills, and so it must not be placed into our roll-off dumpsters. Types of chemical waste include the following:

Solvents, Paint, Oil, Gasoline, Pesticides, Transmission fluid, Lead-based household cleaners

Environmentally hazardous chemicals can be properly discarded at designated drop-off locations via municipal collections, and even some mail-based services will accept them through the use of pre-paid postage labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight allowance of my dumpster?
Most landfills have a specific weight limit for roll-off dumpsters that will result in overage charges if it is exceeded. These limits can vary from site to site, and it is important to understand weight limits prior to confirming your dumpster rental. If you do not know how much your materials weigh, then you will need to rent a higher capacity dumpster, just to be safe.
When exactly will the dumpster be dropped off?
It is a relatively standard practice in the waste removal industry to only provide a delivery day for customers. If you need a dumpster at a specific time, the best way to ensure it’s there when you need it is to get the container delivered the day before. Generally speaking, the schedule is determined on a daily basis, which is less than ideal for customers. Just remember to be patient and find out the company’s delivery policy prior to renting a dumpster.
Will I need to be onsite for delivery or pick up?
Usually, rental services do not require customers to be present during the delivery or the pick up of your dumpster. Some companies may have a charge in upwards of $100 if you are not there during delivery. If you are interested in avoiding hassles and saving money, pick a dumpster rental provider that will deliver and pick up the container without you needing to be there.
Do I need to schedule a pick-up when the dumpster is full?
Some dumpster rental services require customers to schedule the pick-up. This is not to implement additional fees, but rather to give customers an opportunity to remove all of their unwanted materials. Remember if you have to schedule a pick-up, give the company as much notice as possible.
Do your dumpsters have doors?
Great question! Most roll-off rental units have a door to facilitate the ease of walking or rolling in your unwanted materials. This makes removing waste very easy. If your dumpster arrives without a door, then it is too late. Call the experts at The Dumpster Company Charlotte today at (704) 802-1044 to make sure everything goes right. At The Dumpster Company, your success…is our success!

At The Dumpster Company, your success…is our success!