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The Best Roll-Off Dumpsters To Rent In Columbia, South Carolina

The Dumpster Company is proud to be a part of the thriving business community here in Columbia, South Carolina. We see our role as a critical support service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers who need help with the management and removal of their trash and debris. We provide portable roll-off dumpsters that are measured in cubic yards and are available to rent for any length of time in 10-yard, 20-yard 30-yard, and 40-yard sizes. The most common uses for these key sizes of roll-off containers provided by our expert team at The Dumpster Company Columbia are as follows:

10-Yard Container

Our 10-yard dumpster is perfect for a variety of small to medium-sized projects, such as:

  • Kitchen & bathroom-remodels
  • Basement & garage clean-outs
  • Yard and property clean-ups
  • Landscaping
  • And more…


6-feet wide x 12-feet long x 4-feet high


A 10-yard dumpster rental typically can hold between 1-ton and 3-tons, or 2,000-6,000 pounds of waste. This figure varies by location and type of debris, so calling to discuss your project with one of the professionals from our team is recommended!

20-Yard Container

20-cubic yards of material is equivalent to approximately 8 full loads in the bed of a large pickup truck, making this unit perfect for the following types of projects:

  • Disposing of old appliances and furniture
  • Replacing a roof, flooring, patios, and decks
  • Removing large, bulky, or hard-to-manage material
  • Remodeling a home, restaurant, or office building.


8-feet wide x 20-feet long x 4-feet high


Our 20-yard dumpster rental is designed to hold up to 4-tons, which is 8,000 pounds of waste or debris. Now, busted-up concrete and brick certainly have a different from wooden planks and roof shingles, so it’s a good idea to call us to discuss your project and make certain you are accounting for the type and quantity of the material you expect to collect…keeping you under the weight limit.

30-Yard Container

The middle-size container in our inventory is the 30-yarder, and it’s probably the most versatile one we carry. The higher walls make it easier to haul away bigger, solid items, and pieces of debris such as an old couch or refrigerator. The types of projects we commonly match our 30-yard roll-off dumpsters-to are as follows:

  • Medium-to-large land clearing projects. 
  • Renovations, remodels and/or additions to a home, building or structure.
  • Disposal of furniture, appliances, and other awkward or bulky items.
  • Estate-liquidations


8-feet wide x 22-feet long x 6-feet High.


30-yard dumpster rentals can usually hold up to 3-tons in weight, or 6,000 pounds. The type of debris (bricks vs wood, for example) has an impact on this, so our experienced professionals are happy to talk you through this important component of your project to make sure weight-limits do not become a hassle for you. Feel free to call us today!

40-Yard Containers

The largest dumpster rental we deliver and service in greater New Orleans is usually necessary when an entire building or home is being built from scratch, remodeled, or demolished. Our 40-yard container holds up to 40-cubic yards of waste, which is the approximate equivalent of (230) 13-gallon garbage bags. The City By The Bay is somewhat infamous for the high cost of living these days, so it isn’t a surprise that demolition and construction contractors around here have one eye permanently fixed on their overhead expenses. And one thing’s for certain, this big hunk of metal is the most cost-effective way to remove the maximum amount of waste and debris because fewer total hauls are required for the same amount of material. We don’t require that person be a heavy construction foreman to rent our largest removable trash bin, of course. We simply ask you to please keep in mind that a “per-haul” price is fixed, regardless of the level to which the container has been filled, so a do-it-yourself person with small or medium-sized home home-renovation project is usually going to be better suited with a smaller roll-off dumpster rental.


8-feet Wide by 22-Feet Long by 8 Feet High.


Normally a 6 to 8-ton limit (12,000-16,000 pounds). Because different types of waste materials can vary greatly in weight, call, and “talk shop” with one of our courteous professionals to make sure you’ve planned wisely. The Dumpster Company Columbia is here to help your current or future project stay under budget…and on schedule!

How It Works: The Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Process

Managing waste is one of the most crucial elements of any professional construction or do-it-yourself project. So whether the job is a home renovation or a large industrial new-build, the question isn’t whether or not you need a removable container, but instead what size do you need! We’re more than happy to detail the process for you here in 3 easy steps!


Plan for your projected waste

With so many sizes of dumpsters available in the marketplace, there’s no reason you can’t have the perfect container for your needs. When you call us, we’ll assess your requirements and steer you to the best unit.


Obtain your quote

One of the keys to your satisfaction as our customer is an up-front assessment of any potential challenges that may arise as a result of your rental service. Avoiding any confusion at the end of your term is just one of the positive results of our experts understanding the cost variables, including dumpster size, the weight of waste that it carries, and the duration for which you plan to keep the unit. The distance our driver technician needs to travel to deliver your unit can sometimes be a factor, as well. Similarly, there are landfill charges that you may have to pay in case you need to dispose of the toxic waste because of its adverse effects on the environment. The Dumpster Company Columbia can assure you that we’ve identified all possible charges beforehand, so there will be so “sticker shock” when the bill comes due. It’s our job to know!


Prepare the site for the arrival of your dumpster

Make sure that the spot you’re considering for the placement of your roll-off dumpster rental is accessible for you or your employees while working, and also to our driver technicians for retrieval and hauling. If you are placing your dumpster on the street, then make sure you have got permission from your city or township. Identify a solid surface for the debris box, because placing it on the soft ground can cause damage to the ground or other property nearby. Dumpsters can be especially heavy when they’re loaded full, so an asphalt or concrete surface is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers:

When will my dumpster be delivered?
Our roll-off dumpsters can be scheduled for delivery to you in as little as 48-hours from when you say “hello,” and if you call in the morning, sometimes we can even deliver the same-day! (Nevertheless, it’s wise to try and give us 4-5 days out from when you’d like it delivered, as we will be better able to schedule the dumpster size that you want.)
Will you automatically pick up my dumpster when the rental period is over?
We will not pick up your dumpster until you notify us that it is ready to be removed. You need to call our team and schedule a pickup before the last day of the agreed-upon rental period.
Does the customer need to be present for delivery or pickup?
While it’s a good idea for you to have someone at the drop location to receive the dumpster, we don’t require this. We provide our driver technicians with detailed instructions on the placement of the unit on your premises as per the information you provided us over the phone.

Fun facts about Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina. It’s home to the South Carolina State House, a Greek Revival building set in gardens dotted with monuments. Riverbanks Zoo & Garden is a huge park with animal enclosures and botanical gardens. A diverse collection spanning centuries is on display at the Columbia Museum of Art. Dating to 1823, the Robert Mills House is a mansion and museum surrounded by ornate gardens.