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The Best Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Company In America!

The Dumpster Company is proud to deliver roll-off dumpster rentals all throughout the United States, helping private residents, professional contractors, private companies, and public facilities manage trash of all kinds. Our complete selection of portable debris boxes includes 10-yard containers, 20-yard containers, 30-yard containers, and 40-yard containers. These handily removable dumpsters satisfy the trash removal needs of virtually every private and professional application that we’ve seen from coast to coast! Here’s an at-a-glance description for each unit size that we rent-out, along with the types of needs they satisfy:

10-Yard Container

Our 15-yard dumpster is perfect for a variety of small to medium-sized projects, such as:

  • Yard and property clean-ups
  • Landscaping
  • Kitchen & bathroom-remodels
  • Basement & garage clean-outs
  • And more…


8-feet wide x 15-feet long x 4-feet high


A 15-yard dumpster rental typically can hold between 2-tons and 3-tons, or 4,000-6,000 pounds of waste. This figure varies by location and type of debris, so calling to discuss your project with one of the professionals from our team is recommended!

20-Yard Container

30-cubic yards of material is equivalent to approximately 9 full loads in the bed of a large pickup truck, making it perfect for the following types of projects:

  • Replacing a roof, flooring, patios, and decks
  • Remodeling a home, restaurant or office building.
  • Disposing of old appliances and furniture
  • Removing large, bulky, or hard-to-manage material


8-feet wide by 22-feet long by 6-feet high.


Our 30-yard dumpster rental is designed to hold up to 3-tons, which is 6,000 pounds of waste or debris. Now, busted-up concrete and brick are certainly different from wooden planks from a torn-up floor, so it’s a good idea to call us and discuss your project to make certain you are accounting for the type and quantity of the material you expect to produce, and stay under the weight limit.

30-Yard Container

These are big units, which are mostly rented by contractors for disposing of waste produced at construction sites. Tons of waste can be loaded and hauled away on a single trip!

40-Yard Container

The largest dumpster rental we make available is usually necessary when an entire building or home is being remodeled or demolished. Our 40-yard container holds up to 40-cubic yards of waste, which is the approximate equivalent of (230) 13-gallon garbage bags. Demolition and construction professionals in the greater Bakersfield area have their eyes fixed on expenses, so this big hunk of metal is the most cost-efficient way to remove the maximum amount of waste and debris. And because fewer total hauls are required for the same amount of material, this is the most cost-efficient size for a major project. But you don’t have to be a heavy construction foreman to rent our largest container, just please keep in mind that a “per-haul” price is fixed, regardless of the level to which the container has been filled, so a do-it-yourself person with a home renovation project is usually better off with a smaller roll-off dumpster rental.


8-feet wide by 22-feet long by 8-feet high.


Normally a 6 to 8-ton limit (12,000-16,000 pounds). Because different types of waste materials can vary greatly in weight, call and “talk shop” with one of our courteous professionals to make sure you’ve planned wisely. The Dumpster Company is here to help your current or future project stay under budget…and on schedule!

Reasons Why You May Need To Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

Your home needs the roof to be replaced. Experienced do-it-yourself homeowners know that a roofing job produces a bunch of old shingles, and sometimes wood. (Calling a roofing contractor is recommended for everyone else.)
Garage clean-out day! We recommended this once every year, at a minimum!
So much clutter has accumulated at your office building, your visitors sometimes have difficulty finding their way back out to their cars!
You’re cleaning out the basement, which is not the most popular of tasks. Having a dumpster strategically parked in your driveway makes tossing all that ripped-up carpet, furniture, and other material a lot easier.
After kicking the idea around for years, you’ve finally decided to remodel the kitchen. Say goodbye to those outdated countertops and scratched flooring. Into the dumpster, it all goes!
A tornado, hurricane, or powerful thunderstorm has ripped through the region, and your property is littered with downed trees and debris. Time to call the pros at The Dumpster Company!
You’re expecting a baby, and congratulations are in order! That child is going to need a bedroom, so maybe consider painting that one at the top of the stairs pink or blue.
You’re beginning your bathroom remodeling project. After you tear out the old tile around your bathtub, there’ll be no need to look too closely at the grunge. Just pitch it!
You’re cleaning out the attic. Do you remember the last time you took an inventory of all the stuff you have up there? Clean out all the junk, and you just might have the square footage to create a useful room, studio, or even a home office.
It’s time for Spring Cleaning! A fresh breeze is blowing in from an open window, and you just can’t wait to rid the house of anything old and musty.
When your uncle passed away ten years ago, he left you all of his belongings and mementos. You’ve been carrying some of these things around for long enough. It’s ok to let some of the past go.
Say goodbye to scrawny shrubs, the cracked concrete patio, and haggard-looking shed. Hello to new outdoor furniture and margaritas on your new multi-level deck.
You previously ran a home-based business from the second bedroom, and the planned arrival of some extended family for a week-long visit is the perfect reason to convert it back.
Your borderline hoarder of a friend has finally asked for help clearing-out all the junk in his house and yard. This is a huge job, so you may wish to select our largest dumpster!
Construction debris can pile up quickly. Remember, The Dumpster Company drivers can deliver dumpsters that accommodate up to 30 cubic yards of material.
You have acquired a new rental property and you can’t believe all the junk the former residents left behind when moved out
Your basement has flooded. The problem with this is that once carpeting, books, and furniture get soaked, mold can set-in quickly. Time to dispose of all of it, and fast!

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