Need A Dumpster In Boston, MA?

The Best Rolloff Dumpster Rental Prices for Construction or Residential Dumpsters.

Look No Further For The Best Roll-Off Dumpsters In Boston, Massachusetts

At The Dumpster Company, we understand that proper planning is the most critical element of any successful professional or do-it-yourself project, whether it be construction, renovation, demolition, or cleanup. This includes having a plan for the handling of debris, trash, and other material that your upcoming venture is projected to generate. Roll-off dumpsters are often a key part of the equation, and The Dumpster Company offers 10-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard removable container rentals to general contractors, sub-contractors, property managers, and private homeowners in the greater Boston area. Everything you need to know is right here, but feel free to pick-up the phone and call us now at (617) 683-1184 to cut to the chase!

Our expert account managers, customer service representatives, and driver technicians are proud to have decades of combined experience in the waste management industry, and in this time we’ve seen just about every possible situation where a dumpster has been required. We empower our Boston customers to handle every onsite challenge they may encounter by helping them identify the right trash bin for the job, and then we deploy, retrieve, and haul away their container after it has been filled. The Dumpster Company Boston utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently take you from “end-to-end” in all waste management aspects of your project. We begin with free phone consultations, then move to accurate and competitive price quotations, and then finally to the delivery and management the perfect size mobile trash container for you with subsequent retrieval afterward! We do all of this as cost-effectively as possible for you because our fleet of durable mobile containers can handle projects of almost every size and scope. We understand that we are not in the business of rocket science, and also that we are not the only game in town, so our team is committed to doing the little and big things better than the competition, and that’s how we stay #1…not just in Boston, but in all of New England!

Selecting the right size containers for the job

We maintain a perpetual inventory of roll-off debris boxes so we’re always prepared to be of service to you. We’re happy to help you choose the right size of one or more containers, of course, but here are the dimensions of the available units in our fleet with an example of a project they would appropriately support:

10-yard container

10-feet long x 7-feet wide x 4.5-feet high

If you’re renovating one or two rooms, a small kitchen, or a small bathroom, then this may be the right size for you.

20-yard container

20-feet long x 8 feet wide x 3 feet high

Use this roll-off container if you’re remodeling two or more rooms or a large kitchen and bathroom.

30-yard container

22-feet long x 7.5 feet wide x 6-feet high

The “thirty-yarder” is the most popular size that we deliver and is always in demand in greater Lexington because most homes and properties have a suitable area where the container can reside, without too many complaints from the neighbors. You can fit carpeting, drywall, and wood in a thirty yarder without too much trouble. Also, if you’re disposing of concrete or rock, you’ll need a larger container since you won’t be able to fill the container up very high.

40-yard container

22 feet long X 8 feet wide X 7 feet high

The “forty-yarder” is a huge roll-off bin, and it’s most commonly requested by professional construction and demolition contractors for large new-build projects, as well as home, office, and large facility renovations. Contact us today at (617) 683-1184 and let’s discuss your options!

Staying on schedule and within your budget

Keeping a project on schedule while staying within a fixed budget are important things to most of our valued customers. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that tells you exactly what they’re going to do for you… and then follows through by doing exactly what they said! Our prices are affordable, and there are never any hidden fees. When you choose The Dumpster Company Boston, you’re choosing the most innovative and resourceful waste management services company in greater Boston, so you receive the best customer service in the industry. In the end, when you decide to do business with the courteous and disciplined professionals on our team, you do so because you know that you can count on us. This isn’t just a tag-line, it’s a guarantee. Our customers return to us time and time again for precisely this reason.

Why we’re #1 in New England

We are more than pleased to report that homeowners, land-owners, property managers and construction professionals have identified us as their company-of-choice because we work with one specific mission first and foremost on our minds: To provide our clients with the best equipment, the most courteous and reliable service, and the most affordable prices. Our expert team understands that the need to rent a roll-off dumpster isn’t an ordinary, everyday occurrence. So when the phone rings, our courteous staff knows that time is of the essence to get you what you need. It all starts with our ordering process, which has been perfectly streamlined to ensure the desired end-state: You getting the right sized dumpster, at the right address, in the right location at that address, and in the shortest amount of time possible. 

As soon as one of our friendly representatives talks with you and makes written notations of your needs and requirements, the process of delivering a roll-off dumpster to your residence, commercial building, or property begins. Due to the fact that we keep a massive number of dumpsters in the four key sizes that are needed the most frequently, we can get your roll-off dumpster delivered to your premises within 48-hours of your order in almost all cases, and we never need more than 4-days to deliver. (As a best practice, we always recommend calling us as-far in advance of your upcoming project as possible. 1-week-out is a great rule of thumb that we see employed by our most successful clients!)

Call us today at (617) 683-1184, and let’s work together to ensure your success!