Dumpster Rentals in Miami, Florida

We provide residential and commercial dumpster rental services

Premium Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Miami, Florida

The Dumpster Company proudly provides the highest quality roll-off dumpsters for a variety of purposes to the private and professional communities of Greater Miami! Some of the most common uses for our 10-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard debris boxes provided by our expert team at The Dumpster Company are detailed for you herein, along with other helpful information. If you have questions, would like to discuss your upcoming project, or simply wish to place your order, call us now at (786) 321-7526.

Standard Removable Trash Container Sizes

10-Yard Dumpsters

The compact and efficient 10-yard removable dumpster is used for various types of small projects such as wall removal, kitchen countertop installation, bathroom remodel, and the removal of flooring in a living room, dining room, or family room. If you are renovating a particular section of your home, then a 10-yard dumpster should be sufficient for the task. You know who to call!

20-Yard Dumpsters

We also have a huge fleet of 20-yard dumpsters, which are mostly used for construction and home renovation projects. These are capable of handling between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds of waste, which is why you will see municipal and industrial facilities using them to manage waste on the premises. These dumpsters are also used for disposing of cardboard boxes, and the plastics associated with transporting materials and supplies.

30-Yard Dumpsters

These larger dumpsters can hold between 10 and 12 pickup truck loads of material, which gives you an idea of their size. With a maximum weight capacity of between 7,000 and 10,000 pounds, these containers are used for the construction of new homes and office buildings. On many occasions, 30-yard dumpsters have also been rented for the disposal of furniture and bulky debris produced during commercial roof tear-offs, and demolitions of large sheds, decks, and garages.

40-Yard Dumpsters

The largest size dumpster in our fleet is the 40-yard roll-off container. These monster units are used for large-scale construction projects where tons of waste are produced each day. Ensuring a continued workflow that is smooth and efficient is critical to any big project’s timeline, and multiple dumpster placements are commonly required. 40-yard dumpsters are also great for the disposal of tiles, wood, drywall, metal, and much more. We have a large inventory of these monster roll-off dumpsters, and we can quickly dispatch one to your location if you’re in a pinch!

The Dumpster Company Miami is at your service 24-hours a day, 365-days per year. So if you need a dumpster for a small renovation project or a large building demolition, we are here to help you meet with project success! Just give us a call with details, and we’ll deliver the right mobile trash bin to your location right on time, returning to pick it up whenever it’s full, and retrieving it for good once the work is over! 

The Dumpster Rental Process

Now that you’ve identified your need for a dumpster rental, there are three simple steps that you will want to follow.

Gather information about your need

The first is gathering the information you need so that we can provide you with a price quote. For example, we need to know the type of waste material you will be putting in the container (also referred to as a “debris box”), and how much material there will be. Through our brief discussion together we can help make a  recommendation on the most appropriate size, and accurately estimate how many times we’ll be hauling it away from the site.

Ask questions

The second step is to give some thought to specific questions you may wish to ask us to help make sure that everything goes smoothly with your project, and that you are satisfied.

Select good location

Step number three is picking a good location where the container will be placed and properly preparing the site to make certain your project runs efficiently, and to avoid any potential damage to your property. Call The Dumpster Company Experts in Miami today at (786) 321-7526 to set your project up for success!

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

Are there any non-hazardous prohibited materials?
Most companies have their own lists of restricted materials that will incur additional fees if they are deposited into our roll-off container. It is essential to compare the company’s prohibited materials with the things you want to dispose of. Every day, people attempt to slip prohibited items into their dumpsters…and 90% of them get caught. This isn’t just bad for your wallet, but also bad for the environment to put a restricted material in a dumpster.
What is the weight allowance of my dumpster?
Most landfills have a specific weight limit for roll-off dumpsters that will result in overage charges if it is exceeded. These limits can vary from site to site, and it is important to understand weight limits prior to confirming your dumpster rental. If you do not know how much your materials weigh, then you will need to rent a higher capacity dumpster, just to be safe.
Do I need to schedule a pick-up when the dumpster is full?
Yes, the industry-standard for dumpster rental services is to require customers to call us when they’re ready. This is not to implement additional fees, but rather to give customers an opportunity to remove all of their unwanted materials. Remember to give us as much notice as possible when calling us at (786) 321-7526 to schedule your roll-off dumpster pick-up.
On what time & date will the dumpster be dropped off?
It is a relatively standard practice in the waste removal industry to only provide a delivery day for customers. If you need a dumpster at a specific time, the best way to ensure it’s there when you need it is to get the container delivered the day before. Generally speaking, the schedule is determined on a daily basis, which is less than ideal for customers. Just remember to be patient and find out the company’s delivery policy prior to renting a dumpster.
Will I automatically be charged if I exceed the weight limit?
In most cases, if the overage fee is under a specific amount, the fee will automatically be charged to the card used to secure the dumpster. Call us today at (786) 321-7526 to discuss other options!