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We provide residential and commercial dumpster rental services

Rent A Roll-Off Dumpster In New York City, NY

Start spreading the news! The Dumpster Company has expanded its comprehensive waste management services to Manhattan, New York, and the other 4 boroughs too! To say that our expert team is thrilled to be here in support of the millions of residential, commercial, and industrial customers in what is likely the most productive business community in the history of the world, is a massive understatement! The Dumpster Company is here for you now to help you select and confirm a high-quality, durable roll-off container that’s designed to handle virtually any type or quantities of debris. Call us today at (914) 687-5520 to discuss your upcoming project, or other waste management situation.

Choosing the right size dumpster to rent

Our team of knowledgeable agents has been trained to consult with you in order to identify the dumpster that’s best suited for your needs. When you call us to discuss your details, we assign a dedicated account manager who will take from a quick education to pricing, and from transportation to delivery, proactively illuminating any potential problems or hazards that can arise when placing and retrieving your roll-off container from your premises.

We offer portable debris boxes in all of the key sizes to support the needs of everyone from the private homeowner, to the professional heavy construction and demolition contractor. They are as follows:

10-Yard Dumpsters

These are entry-level units, which are mostly rented for small projects like home renovations and remodels. These can efficiently carry all types of waste materials, ensuring faster completion of various projects. Many clients rent these dumpsters for small to medium scale clean-up projects involving attics, garages, and basements.

20-Yard Dumpsters

These dumpsters carry twice the waste compared to 10-yard dumpsters, thus making them a perfect fit for bigger projects where more waste is produced. Projects like garage construction, roof installation, basement remodeling, and deck removal will often require a 20-yard dumpster.

30-Yard Dumpsters

These are big dumpsters, which are frequently used in support of commercial projects where a large amount of waste is produced every day. 30-yard trash roll-off trash containers are also used in support of home building projects, landscape and gardening projects, and major cleanup projects.

40-Yard Dumpsters

For large commercial construction projects, large industrial projects, and large demolition projects, 40-yard dumpsters are great because they can easily accommodate large chunks of waste. These massive dumpsters are commonly utilized for the removal of trees, and commercial roofing jobs where rubber roofing or asphalt shingles are generated by the thousands!

The Dumpster Company has always taken great pride in providing complete, end-to-end waste management services to American cities and their surrounding communities. We include complimentary consultations with our account managers, dumpster deliveries by our experienced driver technicians, followed by timely waste removal, disposal, and unit retrieval. Every step is planned meticulously. Let’s talk more about our process, and how it ensures your success:

The Dumpster Rental Process

Renting a short or long-term dumpster can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know about the appropriate dumpster size, type of waste, or duration of the rental term. Have a look at the following steps that will help guide you through the process of renting the most suitable dumpster:

Call the experts

Call the experts here at The Dumpster Company today at (914) 687-5520 and talk with us about a project you’re planning and the type(s) of waste you might be generating. We’ll recommend the best equipment…not just for the job, but for your budget as well.

Be as specific as possible while providing us the details for your upcoming project

The expected duration of your rental term is one obvious detail of significance, and our phone consultation with you to estimate both volume and number of hauls will help you stay within a reasonable budget. Your success on this project is as important to us as the rental dollars we receive from you for doing our job!

Find “one best price” for your roll-off dumpster rental

If shopping and comparing prices, which we encourage, do so with the knowledge that The Dumpster Company includes all taxes and fees for transportation and disposal within our “one best price” for your roll-off dumpster rental. Other companies may not disclose such fees, and we don’t think that’s a good way to do business. A spirit of transparency is upheld daily by every member of our team, and this is why our customers commonly return to us for future projects. We see ourselves as more than just a vendor to you; we see ourselves as your partner, and we’re here to help you bring your projects to completion on-time, and under budget!

Make certain to account for all possible types of waste that may end up finding its way inside your trash container

Especially on construction and demolition projects, where conditions, materials, and even the nature of projects themselves can change, we don’t want that leading to a landfill fine because we’re dumping something hazardous that we failed to document or handle properly.

Avoid renting an undersized dumpster

While this sometimes looks less expensive on a per-week or per-month basis, smaller dumpsters have to be hauled away more frequently, resulting in more transportation costs and landfill fees.

Some Great Reasons Rent a Roll-Off Container

Renting a short or long-term dumpster can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know about the appropriate dumpster size, type of waste, or duration of the rental term. Have a look at the following steps that will help guide you through the process of renting the most suitable dumpster:

  • After kicking the idea around for years, you’ve finally decided to remodel the kitchen. Say goodbye to those outdated countertops and scratched flooring. Into the dumpster, it all goes!
  • Your home needs the roof to be replaced. Experienced do-it-yourself homeowners know that a roofing job produces a bunch of old shingles, and sometimes wood. (Calling a roofing contractor is recommended for everyone else!)
  • You’re cleaning out the basement, which is not the most popular of tasks. Having a dumpster strategically parked in your driveway makes tossing all that ripped-up carpet, furniture, and other material a lot easier.   
  • Garage clean-out day. We recommended this once every year, at a minimum!
  • You’re expecting a baby, and congratulations are in order! That child is going to need a bedroom, so maybe consider painting that one at the top of the stairs pink or blue.
  • So much clutter has accumulated at your office building, your visitors sometimes have difficulty finding their way back out to their cars! 
  • You’re beginning your bathroom remodeling project. After you tear out the old tile around your bathtub, there’ll be no need to look too closely at the grunge. Just pitch it!
  • It’s time for Spring Cleaning! A fresh breeze is blowing in from an open window, and you just can’t wait to rid the house of anything old and musty.
  • Say goodbye to scrawny shrubs, the cracked concrete patio, and haggard-looking shed, and hello to new outdoor furniture and margaritas on your new multi-level deck.
  • You’re cleaning out the attic. Do you remember the last time you took an inventory of all the stuff you have up there? Clean out all the junk, and you just might have the square footage to create a useful room, studio or even a home office.
  • You previously ran a home-based business from the second bedroom, and the planned arrival of some extended family for a week-long visit is the perfect reason to convert it back.
  • Construction debris can pile up quickly. Remember that our dumpster drivers can deliver units that accommodate up to 40 cubic yards of material.
  • You have acquired a new rental property and you can’t believe all the junk the former residents left behind when moved out. 
  • Your basement has flooded. The problem with this is that once carpeting, books, and furniture get soaked, mold can set- in quickly. Tie to dispose of all of it, and quickly!

Congratulations! You are now an educated customer, which is the most valuable kind to us. So if you’re in “The Big Apple” of Manhattan, or one of the other 4 boroughs (The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) call the professionals now at (914) 687-5520 and we’ll take the great care of you!