Need A Dumpster In St. Louis, Missouri?

The Best Rolloff Dumpster Rental Prices for Construction or Residential Dumpsters.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals In St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a major city in Missouri that sits on the banks of the Mississippi River. Its unmistakably iconic 630-foot Gateway Arch was built in the 1960s, and it honors the early 19th-century explorations of Lewis and Clark along with America’s westward expansion. Replica “paddle-wheelers” run up and down the river, offering spectacular views of the arch. The Soulard district is home to famous barbecue restaurants and clubs that play world-renowned blues music. The Dumpster Company is proud to be an integral part of the thriving business community here, providing the complete scope of waste management services to private residents, construction professionals, private businesses, and other organizations of every size!

Selecting the right size of removable trash container for your project

The most important element of the dumpster size equation is knowing the type of garbage or debris that will be produced by your project, along with the periodic (and total) amounts of waste material that you expect to accumulate. The waste management industry began standardizing roll-off dumpster sizes many years ago, and today they are classified, inventoried, and delivered based on their length, width, and height in cubic yards. The Dumpster Rental Company is proud to remain ever responsive to the needs of project owners and managers throughout the great city of St. Louis and the surrounding communities by providing portable containers in three key sizes: 15-yards, 30-yards, and 40-yards. Here are the specifics on each of these dumpster sizes, along with a quick reference guide of some of their common uses:

Our 15-yard containers can hold approximately 4 ½ loads in a standard pickup truck. We schedule and deploy these mobile containers in support of projects like:

  • Small-to-medium kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Medium size garage, shed, and basement clean-outs
  • Small home remodeling projects, replacements, and additions
  • Land clearing, lot-clearing, and small-to-medium landscaping jobs


8-feet wide by 15-feet long by 4-feet high


15-yard dumpsters can hold as much as 2 to 3 tons (4,000-6,000 pounds) depending on the density of the material. As all dumpsters and landfills have maximum weight limits, we recommend communicating the details of your upcoming project to one of our experienced account managers and allowing us to help make certain that your requirements are met with this roll-off debris box rental.

In addition to general trash-containing functionality, these versatile units are also recommended for any project that has the potential to produce large, bulky, or otherwise physically awkward items, such as removed sections of flooring or damaged appliances. Over the years, the team of experienced professionals here at the Dumpster Rental Company has seen almost every conceivable use for this roll-off dumpster size, including:

  • Patio and Deck replacements 
  • Old flooring or roofing replacements
  • Living room, family room, and bedroom additions
  • Furniture replacements 
  • Medium-to-large size home remodeling


22-feet long by 8-feet wide by 6-feet high.


30-yard containers can handle up to 3-tons (6,000 pounds) of waste material. Call us now or submit an inquiry right here through this website to disclose and discuss any details that could affect your dumpster weight limits.

We deploy and service these monstrous dumpsters in the greater St. Louis area primarily to support professionals in the construction industry. You’ll see these steel bins onsite at virtually every heavy construction project, and also on job sites where entire homes or buildings are being demolished. This container holds up to 40-cubic yards of waste, which is the approximate equivalent of two-hundred and thirty 13-gallon garbage bags! Make no mistake about one thing, friends: This hunk of metal is the most cost-effective way to remove the maximum amount of waste and debris… because fewer total hauls are required to remove an equivalent amount of material. One need not be a heavy construction foreman to rent our largest removable trash bin, of course. Just give us a call!


8-feet Wide by 22-Feet Long by 8 Feet High.


6 to 8-tons (12,000-16,000 pounds).
Due to the fact that different types of waste material will vary in density, we recommend talking-shop with one of our account managers to make sure you have the optimal plan for the waste management aspects of your project. At The Dumpster Company, we think of ourselves as more than a simple vendor; we think of ourselves as partners in our customers’ desire to complete their projects on-time and under-budget! Contact us today, we’re standing by to talk shop with you.

How It Works: The Dumpster Rental Process?

Once you’ve identified the need for a removable trash bin, there are three simple steps you can follow. Step one is to gather all information pertinent to your project so that we can quote you an economical price for the unit and the term. For example, it will be helpful to us if we know the type of waste material you intend to deposit in your roll-off container, and also the quantity of material you expect to accrue. A brief consultative discussion together can help us make a recommendation on the most appropriate size for you, and then accurately estimate how many times we’ll be hauling it away from your premises. The second step is to give some thought to specific questions you may wish to ask us to help make sure that everything goes smoothly with your project. The reason for The Dumpster Company remains #1 in St. Louis is because we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers! The third step is picking a location on your property where the roll-off unit can be safely placed and preparing that site.

Following our 3-step process will help to ensure that your project runs efficiently and avoids any potential damage to your property, and ours too! Call The Dumpster Company today to set your project up for success!

A few fun facts about St. Louis

Where 7-Up was invented
Where the ice cream cone was first invented
Where The 1904 World’s Fair was held
The first American city to host the Olympics
Once known as the largest shoe manufacturing center in the world